April 2022

601 Analytics // NBA
Custom Attendance App

The National Basketball Association needs no introduction. Recognized globally as the premier men’s professional basketball league in the world, it is composed of 30 teams, who each play 82 games — not including Playoffs.


All 30 NBA teams monitor attendance, revenue, and fan-level details for every game. The NBA gathers and compares all the teams’ data to drive league wide analysis and decision making. But, all 30 teams do it differently: different business rules, buyer logic, platforms and ways of reporting.
Multiply that by 82 games per team and you have a lot of manual data intake and organization, with inevitable inconsistencies and inaccuracies, and decision makers waiting days to get and accurate numbers.


Build a ticketing and attendance data platform and app that gathers, standardizes, organizes, visualizes and automates the numbers from all teams, into one place. Oh and make it near-real time.


With our niche sports experience, once we got all 30 teams operations systems, it took only 2 weeks to integrate them and start delivering insights.


We at the league and teams, individually, have a lot of appetite for the ability to understand what is happening in their buildings in real time. [601 Analytics] understands that the ability of an analytics partner to conform and adjust to the data environments that teams have already invested in is a critical ingredient toward their success.

– Matt Wolf, Senior VP of Team Marketing and Business Operations, NBA